Elementary School Photography

Picture Day Programs

Fall Portraits

For more than 3 decades the BNL family has been a proud contributor to the cherished tradition of school pictures. Studies have shown that no other product holds more sentimental value for a family than a photograph, and a school portrait from BNL is certainly no exception. We recognize how important these years are to a family, and take very seriously the responsibility of creating that special family keepsake.

BNL has one of the most advanced in-house production facilities in the country which offers us complete control over the entire process along with the ability to produce exciting products not typically found in the school portrait market. We ensure that your school portrait packages and service items are produced on time with the highest possible quality standards.

Our dedicated inside support team takes care of every detail large and small resulting in minimal effort required from administration and parent groups. In addition you will discover that our fall portrait program is competitively priced and offers the best rebates in the industry. Click Here to contact us today for more information!

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Portrait Examples Portrait Examples Portrait Examples Portrait Examples
Portrait Examples Portrait Examples Portrait Examples Portrait Examples
Portrait Examples Portrait Examples    

Spring Portraits

Spring portraits are fun for kids, for staff and for the school. Kids get photographed “Studio Style” with a variety of props and expressions that they and parents are sure to love. Products and special gifts can be personalized and include a variety of poses. Add some splash to your spring picture program with BNL Photography.

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Portrait Examples Portrait Examples Portrait Examples Portrait Examples
Portrait Examples Portrait Examples Portrait Examples Portrait Examples
Portrait Examples Portrait Examples Portrait Examples Portrait Examples


Dog Tags Travel Mug Movers Keychain

Metal Dog Tags

Mug with Photo Insert

Set of 3 Key Tags

Multi Wallet

Grandparents Monthly Calendar Mousepad Reflection

8x10 Grandparent Print

8x10 Calendar

Custom Mouse Pad

8x10 Reflection Portrait

Grandparents Grandparents Grandparents Grandparents

12 Month Calendar

Photo Sheet

5x7 Slate With Stand

Gallery Matte Print

Grandparents Grandparents    

iPhone 5 Case





Whether it’s the graduating class or the entire school, giant panorama photos from BNL bring the whole group together for a once-in-a-lifetime picture. Our large format cameras capture everyone in the group from front to back in sharp detail. Panorama photos provide a great fundraising item that requires little effort on the part of school administrators. You get the group together; we do the rest.

At BNL, we can get a whole school or a whole class in one shot. We’ll take the time to make this picture memorable for everyone. BNL Panorama’s are sharp as a tack and come with custom titling. Create a custom size or choose from 8x16, 10x24, 20x36, 30x90 ~ nothing is too small or too large for our printers. Go ahead and tee up a big group. We’ll take our best shot

Photography Staff

BNL employs only the best youth portrait photographers available. Many of those on our staff have 10+ years experience and most are full time employees of the company. Each photographer has complete liability insurance and is required to pass a rigorous background check. Most importantly our staff knows how to have fun! Each team will make your picture day experience the best it can possibly be.

School Image Software

SIS is a user-friendly "Image CD" system provided to school administrators FREE by BNL for tracking important student information and producing a variety of digital services.

Key Features

  • Both Windows™ and MAC Versions
  • Produce Replacement Bar-Coded ID Cards
  • Create Seating Charts with Student Images
  • Powerful Template Builder for IDs, Awards and Services
  • Allows Schools to Import Images and Student Data
  • Contains Discipline, Emergency and Security Information
  • Search and Replace Data for Selected Groups
  • Robust Student Query Engine, Search on Any Field
  • Merge Data from School Systems
  • Comprehensive Online Manual
  • Mobile Version for use on Palm OS & Windows Mobile
  • Unlimited Technical Support

Customer Service

The BNL School Pictures customer service team includes highly qualified individuals that will guide you and your familes thru the photography process. Our teams are conveniently located at the production plant so they can be prepared to problem solve on the spot.

Internet Child Safety Program

BNL School Pictures is proud to provide your school with the online Click and Safe program and 2 Safety I.D. Cards FREE to help your parents feel more secure. Every child in the school with receive 2 cards - even without purchasing a package! Designed to fit in your wallet or billfold, the Safety I.D Card contains the photo and description that law enforcement needs for a rapid response. In an emergency, parents can access and print posters containing the image of their child by logging on to bnlschoolpictures.com.

ID Cards

Student and administration identifaction cards that are custom designed for your school.

ID Cards

Photo Directories & Stickers

Peel and stick ID pictures and mugbooks.

ID Stickers

Yearbook & Admin CD Exports

Yearbook CD’s formatted to PSPA specifications. Our picture database will integrate with any existing software in your school!

CD Exports