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tips & info

Clothes: There are two options provided at your school:

Drape: Looks like an off the shoulder gown or blouse. Requires a strapless shirt, or top with straps that can easily slip over your shoulders to be worn underneath. Please inform your photographer if you prefer that your shoulders are covered, and they will adjust the drape.

Tuxedo Jacket, Tie and Shirt: Requires a white or light/neutral colored undershirt or t-shirt to be worn underneath.

Hair: We leave your hair up to you. If you plan a hairstyle change, do so at least a week before your session. Too much gel appears shiny in photographic light, so less is more! We recommend hair products with a matte finish. Extreme hair styles should be discouraged.

Grooming: Shaving the morning of your portrait is best. Hair and stubble cannot be retouched.

Jewelry: A simple necklace and earrings will look great, and don’t forget your class ring!

Sun Exposure: Avoid excessive exposure to the sun for several days prior to your session. Tan lines cannot be retouched.

Complexion: Our digital retouching clears minor blemishes completely. If you have shiny skin, try a light dusting of translucent powder.

Makeup: Using light makeup that accents the eyes, cheeks and lips is best. Wear a little more mascara than usual. A light layer of foundation helps to blend the skin tone. Bring lipstick and powder for touch-ups. Reflective and extreme makeup styles are discouraged including high gloss lip treatments

Nails: Keep in mind that your hands may show in some of your portraits. Hands and fingernails should be neatly groomed.

Smile: A natural and confident smile is always best!

the answers

How do I schedule my senior portrait session?
Through our web gallery with the link we sent to your email. If you are missing the link we can resend it to you.

How do I change or cancel my appointment?
Please refer back to your original confirmation email that you were provided after scheduling the appointment. Simply click the "Change/Cancel Appointment" box located at the bottom of the email to cancel your existing appointment.

What happens if I missed my school portrait session?
Contact our customer support team to discuss your options.

How do I view my proofs and order my senior portraits?
Through our web gallery with the link we sent to your email. If you are missing the link we can resend it to you.

Can I retake my senior portraits?
Yes, you will receive an update from the school on when this is offered.

How do I make my yearbook portrait selection?
When you log in to see your proofs, you will be asked to make your pose selection.

Which pose do I select for the yearbook?
You may select any from your formal attire poses.

How do I change my yearbook selection pose?
Send us an email and we will reset your submission so you can make another selection.

When is the deadline to make a selection for my yearbook pose?
Using the link that you were provided, the deadline date is listed in your portrait gallery.

What if I do not make a yearbook selection?
We will make a selection on your behalf which will be retouched and submitted to your yearbook.

If I have a retake session, can I still make a yearbook selection from my first session?
Yes, you may choose from either of your sessions for your yearbook selection.

How do I order my school yearbook?
You can order your school yearbook using the link provided on your school's yearbook webpage